Portfolio: Assessment of my 3-year assistant professorship

This summer I was asked (by my University) to fill the attached self-evaluation portfolio, which records all my achievements during this 3-year term. Since I had to spend quite a lot of time to fill this, and since I believe in transparency and in the evaluation of civil servants, I’m glad to make it publicly available. I’m pretty sure this is not a waste of time (I mean, filling a portfolio is more than filling a CV that you can find everywhere, isn’it? or not?). Anyway, taxpayers have the right to know how their money have been spent and what is the product of my work.


And for the lazy ones, below you can find a summary #pleasejudgeme #misonopresosulseriale


My key research achievements in this 31 months, in 2 different macro-areas of social sciences (parties/political institutions & social media/communication):
3 books published with Palgrave, Routledge and Springer (2 in English, 1 single-authored)
24 papers published in peer-reviewed journals during these 31 months (29 from the beginning of my career); 22 are in journals indexed in Scopus.
17 out of 24 in journals with Impact Factor. Average journal Impact Factor: 2.028; Impact Factor higher than 3 for 6 papers.
– Number of citations of these 24 papers: 234 (Google Scholar); 75 (Scopus). Average citations per each paper already registered in Scopus: 5.3
H-Index: 8 (Google Scholar); 4 (Scopus)
I have been co-founder and I am currently board member of Voices from the Blogs Srl, a spin-off of the University of Milan. It has filed a patent request (that is pending in the United States) concerning a new algorithm for supervised aggregated sentiment analysis (iSA). A free R package is made available too.

Through this spin-off I have been involved in several projects involving big enterprises, political parties and other public institutions. As a member of Voices from the Blogs I am currently serving as political analyst for the Italian Government (weekly monitoring online sentiment on a variety of topics).

I also wrote almost 200 articles in newspapers, magazines and academic blogs (mostly on analysis of social media but I am used to disseminating my research findings on every topic, including the study of political institutions)

I have started 2 big international collaborations. I am the co-founder of the “Party Congress Research Group”, project that aims at collecting and analyzing speeches delivered at intra-party conferences; I am also involved in the project “The Politics of Portfolio Design”, which aims at studying changes in ministerial organization across countries and over time.

As a member of Voices from the Blogs I have been involved in preparing several H2020 grant proposals one of which has got a score of 13.5/15 and has been included in the reserve list. I have also presented an individual proposal for the ERC Starting Grant.