I am Assistant Professor at the Department of Social and Political Sciences (University of Milan), since 2013, with National scientific qualification for Associate Professorship. I teach Polimetrics (undergraduate) and Applied Multivariate Analysis for Social Scientists (doctoral). I received my PhD from the Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences (Nasp).

I am co-founder and board member of VOICES from the blogs LTD, a spin-off of the University of Milan, which analyzes the public opinion expressed on social media by means of quantitative text analysis of blog posts and tweets, as well as the content of any textual data in a digital format. I am currently serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

My research interests include: Intra-party politics, quantitative text analysis, social media, political parties, coalition governments, political trust and democratic support, party competition and electoral campaigns. Want to know more? Visite the website and read my CV or follow me on Google Scholar on ResearchGate and on